A student\’s experience in a UK University

A student's experience in a UK University

This article comprises the experience of the a student in a UK University juggling between study, internship and a part-time job.

I am Mohamed Abdul Salam pursuing my M.Sc. in City Planning and Design at Queen\’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland. The curriculum is industry aligned which remained the reason behind me choosing to study in this University.

I pursued my Undergraduate course BEng Civil Engineering at the same university. Thus, I was able to avail the alumni discount. However, one can avail only a single scholarship even if they are eligible for multiple scholarships.

Aspirants must apply early and request the details of the scholarships available in the University for International students. While applying for a loan and presenting a case, you must summarize your situation to the local bank manager with a document that contains course details, fees and prospects after graduation.

The Interim Struggle

My final semester was affected by the Corona pandemic and I had to return to India. In the meantime, I had co-founded a charity start-up called \’@FeedTheNeedy2020\’. The initiative has helped in serving over two lakh meals to those in need.

This initiative helped me win the QUB SU\’s Supporting Our Community award in 2021. After the pandemic, the University has transitioned to hybrid mode of teaching. Due to my expertise in Leadership and Service, I was selected in the Washington Ireland Program and Leadership. Through the program, students are introduced to summer internships and leadership training.

Students must learn to do all their work by themselves and have a journal to record their expenditure. Students can also look for several part-time jobs such as international student ambassadors at their university, a cashier at the local store, etc.

There are only specific hours in which an international student is allowed to work in a week. Candidates are advised to have all their documents scanned and stored as they would need it regularly throughout the admission process.

Candidates must also reach out to established counsellors who would help in gaining access to a wider pool of university. You must take a well informed decision by considering all the factors. Take into consideration your personal situation and ambitions. Also, establish connections with course directors and admission teams. Moreover, it is important to have a vision and seek challenges in that vision.

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