A Career in Oceanography

A Career in Oceanography

This article comprises the career opportunities offered in Oceanography.

The development of new drugs from marine resources has become a need due to the huge demand for Oceanographic professionals. This has occurred due to various issues such as climate change, eroding coastlines and declining fisheries.

The introduction of sophisticated technology has led to a global increase in the study of oceanographic research modules. Courses in Oceanography include chemical, physical, geological and biological oceanography and marine environment management. There are two branches: Statistical and Physical Oceanography.

Their collaboration leads to the development of innovative techniques which improves the understanding of our oceans. The U.S., the U.K. Australia, France, and Canada offer excellent opportunities to research, learn and work in this domain.


Bachelor’s, Master’s and PG Diplomas are offered. Undergraduate courses include a Bachelor of Science in Oceanography, Ocean and Coastal Studies, Marine Science in Biological Oceanography and Coastal and Ocean Science.

Postgraduate courses include a Master of Science in Oceanography or Hydrogeology along with a PG Diploma in Marine Science. Students must also have knowledge of Chemistry, Biology, Ecology, Earth Science, Geography, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Physical Geography, Geology, Social Studies, and World History.

Facts and Facets of the marine environment must be known with an understanding of the changes in the environment. They must also have critical thinking, observation, scientific and mathematical operations, and research skills.

Career opportunities

A student can opt for an entry-level position with a recognized degree in a government or private agency. They can work on marine policy or fisheries management. In nations like the US, the UK, Australia and others, opportunities for geoscientists and oceanographers are plenty.

Skill Occupation Lists of Canada and Australia include the occupations of oceanographers. Students can get post-study work opportunities and immigration options in the U.S., France, the U.K. and Germany.

Indians represent a significant share of job seekers globally with rising demand for overseas employment. There is a substantial rise in demand for oceanography courses among Indian students. Many choose this due to the low competition and a lack of trained professionals in this field.

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