5 Key Reasons to choose to study abroad MBA in the USA

5 Key Reasons to choose to study abroad MBA in the USA

In the 2020-2021 academic year, more than 914,000 international students chose to study abroad in the USA despite the impact of the pandemic from which a third of them came from China. Studying abroad provides a lot of new experiences, helps students to gain access to a new business environment and provides a network that can progress their careers.

Even though various countries across the globe provide study abroad opportunities, the United States remains the top choice destination. Here are a few reasons that show why the United States remains the top destination.

Studying abroad in the USA helps in gaining access to the world’s top business schools such as Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, etc., which are located in the US. Half of the top 100 MBA programs ranked in the world ranked by the Financial Times are US-based.

Harvard Business School pioneered the primary study method which includes a business case study followed by a lively class discussion. Studying MBA abroad in the US helps to develop relationships with talented people all over the world which helps in intercultural learning that works in creating much better business.

Studying abroad in the USA helps in boosting career opportunities and is proven to make you more employable as more and more recruiters are favouring candidates with international experience and an understanding of different cultures. Top employers such as Amazon, Microsoft and McKinsey are US-based companies and these firms appreciate an understanding and experience of US culture.

US business schools offer tailored careers support such as personal branding workshops and interview preparations that can be of great benefit to international students. Moreover, mentioning your destination of study as the US in your resume helps you stand out and it also helps to graduate from a business school with a strong track record in careers.

Studying abroad in the US provides an unforgettable campus experience with a collegiate atmosphere like no other. The universities in the US focus on each and everything that includes sports, student clubs, cookery, etc. Going to a business school in the US is also a social experience from which you can gain access to the local business community.

Studying abroad in the US helps in widening perspectives and building your understanding of global business. This helps in broadening the vision and helps in viewing how the smartest minds operate and cooperate. As the USA is one of the most influential countries, it provides top education to future leaders and drives innovation.

Studying abroad in the US helps to tap entrepreneurship opportunities as the US is a world leader in entrepreneurship. The multiple cultures and customs in the US help in broadening horizons and helps in seeing things from different angles.

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