3rd largest share of ranked universities in the QS – China

3rd largest share of ranked universities in the QS – China

The latest 19th edition of the QS analysis has praised China’s emphasis on research which has helped two of its higher education institutes find a place among the top 15 in the world. China has the third-largest share of ranked universities including 71 institutions according to the QS World University Rankings 2023.

However, the first largest share of ranked universities was from the USA with 201 institutions and the second-largest share was from the UK with 90 institutions. It is surprising to note that until last year, no Chinese universities featured in the QS top 15 global rankings.

Peking University has jumped six places to the 12th rank which was ranked 18th in the 2022 rankings and Tsinghua University has jumped to the 14th position from the 17th position. The improvement in the ranking is due to the improved performance in the QS research impact indicator and Faculty-Student Ratio indicator.

20 per cent weightage is accorded to the research impact indicator and faculty-student ratio each along with a 40 per cent weightage to academic reputation, 10 per cent weightage to employer reputation, 5 per cent reputation to international faculty ratio and 5 per cent weightage to international students ratio.

It was reported earlier that many top universities of Asian nations are planning to opt out of the global ranking frameworks led by the Times Higher Education or QS as a part of the Xi Jinping administration’s rejection of foreign standards.

However, the QS has pointed out that the main factor behind the overall rise in the performance of the Chinese universities is the research impact as 18 Chinese Universities have been ranked among the top 100 in this category. Moreover, 37 Chinese universities have improved their performance in terms of Citations per Faculty.

The QS also highlighted the fact that Indian Universities lag in this metric which is affecting the general performance of the country. QS had also pointed out that no higher education system has improved in China over the last decade.

Most Chinese Universities have managed to balance their drops in other parameters such as academic reputation and employer reputation which is an increase in research scores. 43 of 71 Chinese universities have registered a low year-on-year performance for employer reputation and 47 in academic reputation.

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