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Foreign Scholarships for Indian Students

Acquiring an international scholarship is a great achievement and provides a huge relief in terms of bearing the overall cost of studying abroad for Indian students and scholarships are offered from several countries across the globe on various parameters.

Currently, many undergraduate scholarships are introduced for Indian students in addition to the scholarships for postgraduate and doctorate programs. Countries across the globe are beginning to understand the importance of international students as they bring a lot of benefits to the economy, federal governments, private organizations and many universities.

Given below are a few foreign scholarships that can be acquired by students who wish to study abroad:

National Overseas Scholarship:

This scholarship comes under the study abroad by the Indian government and can be availed from the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment within one year of the receipt of intimation. Every year, a total of 100 slots are made available under this scheme which targets different groups such as Scheduled Castes, Denotified and semi-nomadic tribes, traditional artisans and landless agricultural labourers.

Students must be below the age of 35 years and should hail from a family with an income of less than INR 8,00,000 per annum. Students who apply for either Master’s or PhD courses in any stream of study will be eligible for this scholarship along with a minimum of 60% marks in the qualifying degree.

Fullbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowship:

This scholarship is open to all the Indians who wish to study in the US and have an outstanding academic record. Candidates who are highly motivated and demonstrate leadership skills will be eligible for this scholarship.

Candidates must also possess a US bachelor’s degree or equivalent from a recognized university with 55% marks. Candidates must also have at least three years of professional work experience and must have the commitment to coming back to India to serve their communities.

Fullbright-Kalam Climate Fellowship:

This scholarship is sponsored by USIEF to address the climate change-related issues in the US and India and is offered for doctoral research, postdoctoral research and academic and professional research.

Candidates who are selected are affiliated with one host institution in the US. Candidates who wish to pursue postdoctoral research must hold a PhD within the last four years and must have conducted adequate research in the appropriate field.

Fullbright-Nehru Doctoral Research Fellowships:

This scholarship is for Indian scholars who have registered for a PhD at an institution in India and is available for six to nine months. Candidates who wish to acquire this scholarship must have conducted adequate research in a relevant field and an employed candidate must have the employer’s endorsement.

Candidates must also possess a high level of professional and academic achievement and showcase proficiency in the English language. Most importantly, the candidate should not be residing in the US during placement.

The Inlaks Shivdasani Scholarships:

This scholarship is granted to young students from India who wish to study at top universities in the UK, the US and Europe for a full-time Master’s, M.Phil. and doctorate program. Candidates must be Indian residents for at least the past six months and must possess a minimum academic grade of 70% from a recognized university for the subjects of Mathematics and Environment.

Candidates must possess a minimum academic grade of 65% from a recognized Indian University for subjects such as humanities, law, fine arts, social sciences, architecture and related subjects. Eligible candidates must be of a maximum of 30 years of age.

GREAT Scholarships India:

Twenty postgraduate scholarships are offered for Indian students by universities in the UK across a wide range of subjects which is funded by the GREAT Britain Campaign and the British Council with participating UK universities.

Eligible candidates must be of Indian origin and possess an undergraduate degree with an interest in the proposed subject area. The candidates must also possess the requirements determined by the UK university with regards to the English language, should be a GREAT scholarship alumna and apply to one of the participating universities in the UK.

Commonwealth Scholarships:

This is a broad scholarship option for talented Indian students who cannot afford to study in the UK and have the ability to make a positive impact on the international level. Candidates must be a citizen or permanent residents of a country of the Commonwealth and possess an undergraduate degree of at least upper second class.

PhD aspirants must possess an appropriate master’s degree and must not be in a situation to afford a UK education without the scholarship. A British-protected person or a refugee is also eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Erasmus Mundus Scholarships:

This scholarship is offered for students from various target groups and mobility with a specific eligibility criterion for each group. Candidates must be a citizen or permanent residents of India and must not have resided, studied or worked for over 12 months in the last five years in any of the eligible countries in Europe.

Candidates must belong to any one of the Target Groups specified, namely; TG1 applicants can apply only for exchange programs, TG2 can only apply for full-time degree programs and TG3 can only apply for full-time master\’s and doctorate level degree programs.

Cornell University Tata Scholarship:

This scholarship is offered to approximately 20 scholars from India by Tata Education and Development Trust in collaboration with Cornell University. The scholarship is awarded for a duration of undergraduate studies at Cornell University annually.

These scholarships are offered to students who wish to study abroad after 12th grade. Candidates who wish to acquire this scholarship must be a citizen or permanent residents of India and should have attended secondary school in the Indian subcontinent. Candidates must also hold an admission offer from Cornell University as an undergraduate student and should demonstrate the necessity for need-based financial aid.

University of New South Wales Future of Change India Scholarship:

This scholarship is available for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs across all disciplines and higher scholarships are offered for the engineering stream. Students who wish to apply for this scholarship must be a citizen or permanent residents of India and should possess academic excellence in the selected stream. Students must also possess an admission offer from the University of New South Wales.

Indian Global Leaders Scholarship:

This scholarship provides an opportunity for high-calibre students from India to study in the US through which students gain access to exclusive opportunities. Candidates who wish to acquire this scholarship must be a citizen of India and must have received an offer to study business or economics or law program with the university except for courses such as Master of Business Analytics, Master of Leadership in Service Innovation and Master of Business Administration.

Charpak Masters Scholarship:

This Scholarship is offered to Indian students by the Campus France India to study abroad to support the study of Indian students who are pursuing master’s degrees. Candidates with academic excellence, consistency, quality statements of purpose and a tie-up with a French institution are offered this scholarship.

Candidates must be of Indian origin and must not be more than 30 years old at the time of application. The candidate must also be a student currently enrolled at an Indian Institution of higher learning and must be a young professional employed in a company for a maximum of three years at the time of application.

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